Future Work

This first implementation phase focused on single-turbine capabilities, fulfilling the basic requirements for the design of large and novel rotor concepts. Future development work will turn toward the implementation of features enabling multiple-turbine simulations on medium-to-large-scale computational clusters. The reduction of the computational time will also be of focus. This may be achieved using tree techniques such as the fast multipole method. Further algorithmic options, such as vortex amalgamation in the far wake, will be considered to speed up the simulation. The framework presented in this manual is compatible with grid-free or grid-based vortex particle formulations. Such particle-based implementations will also be envisaged in the future. Further validation of the code against measurements and higher-order tools will be pursued. Applications to cases known to be challenging for the BEM algorithm will also be investigated, such as highly flexible rotors, offshore floating turbines, small-scale wind farms, multiple-rotor turbines, or kites.

The following list contains future work on OLAF software:

  • Lagrangian particles

  • Multiple turbines, integration into FAST.Farm

  • Code speed-up

  • Dedicated dynamic stall model