4. User Documentation

We are in the process of transitioning legacy FAST v8 documentation, which can be found at https://www.nrel.gov/wind/nwtc.html.


Much of the documentation here is legacy documentation from FAST v8. While most of it is still directly applicable to OpenFAST, portions may be out of date.

4.2. Module Documentation

This section contains documentation for the OpenFAST module-coupling environment and its underlying modules. Documentation covers usage of models, underlying theory, and in some cases module verification.

The following modules do not currently have formal documentation or are contributed to OpenFAST from organizations external to NREL and the core OpenFAST team. As documentation is added, these resources will be moved to their appropriate location. If newer versions of the external resources are available, please open a GitHub Issue with the information for the new documentation.

4.3. Modularization Framework

Information specific to the modularization framework of OpenFAST is provided here. These are a collection of publications, presentations, and past studies on the subject.