Output Files HAWC Full-Field Files

When TurbSim is requested to write HAWC-formatted output files (WrHAWCFF=TRUE), it will generate four files. <RootName>-u.bin, <RootName>-v.bin, and <RootName>-w.bin are binary files that contain the full-field turbulence data for the 3 wind-speed components. <RootName>.HAWC is a text summary file that indicates the number of points in the binary files and how they should be scaled. The data in this file is written in a format that can be copied into a HAWC2 input file.


  1. The factor_scaling values in the summary file indicate the inverse of the values TurbSim used to scale the data in the HAWC files. factor_scaling can theoretically be used in HAWC2 to obtain the original data generated by TurbSim. TurbSim scales the data so that HAWC2 will obtain the standard-deviation ratios of 1.0 (u/u), 0.8 (v/u), and 0.5 (w/u) as a work-around for an issue in how HAWC2 scales turbulence files. Please note that these ratios may not work well with non-IEC turbulence models.

  2. HAWC-formatted files are always periodic, so all of the analysis time steps are written.

  3. The u-component wind speed files have the mean hub-height wind speed removed, so they will contain any shear that was defined.

  4. For HAWC2 simulations, it is recommended that TurbSim be run without shear (PLExp=0) and without any mean flow angles (VFlowAng=0, HFlowAng=0). These values can instead be added in the HAWC2 input file or in the InflowWind input file for OpenFAST.